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New Left Review I/141, September-October 1983

Riccardo Parboni

Reflections on Williamsburg

It has been clear for some years that an economic struggle is going on between the usa and the rest of the industrialized world, particularly Western Europe. Any remaining pretences to the contrary were finally exposed at the Williamsburg summit, not least on account of the confused but nonetheless significant positions taken up by the President of France. At the same time, Williamsburg has strengthened the popular view that the United States controls the economic fate of the world, and that opposition to American wishes is futile. This is a mistaken impression, however. It must be made clear that there is an alternative to American domination, and that this is to be realized through a regaining of the political initiative by the European Left and the peace movement.

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Riccardo Parboni, ‘Reflections on Williamsburg’, NLR I/141: £3

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