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New Left Review I/141, September-October 1983

Ernest Mandel

The Threat of Nuclear War and the Struggle for Socialism

Several times during the last three years the threat of a third world war seemed to loom large. Impressionist commentators did not hesitate to draw this conclusion. In fact a panic wave arose. The powerful and promising anti-war movement, which is growing today in the imperialist countries, was also at least partially affected. The number of publications about a third world war already begun, underway, or on the point of erupting, multiplied. [1] Among such works were Richard Nixon, The Third World War Has Begun, and General Sir John Hackett, former Chief-of-Staff of the British Army, The Third World War.

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Ernest Mandel, ‘The Threat of War and the Struggle for Socialism’, NLR I/141: £3

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