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New Left Review I/12, November-December 1961

NLR Editorials

Missing Signposts

in the last issue of New Left Review, William Norman drew our attention to some significant omissions in Signposts for the Sixties—culture (especially the problems of the mass media) and “democratic control and participation in a mass industrial society” (especially the problems of bureaucracy and the trade unions); another omission is the problem of personal and civil liberty, and it would be easy to think of others. In view of the multitudinous leaks to right-wing newspapers by members of the National Executive Committee of the Labour Party, it is scarcely a breach of confidence to tell the readers of New Left Review that the absence of these subjects from the home policy statement is due not to carelessness or confusion but to the fact that substantial cuts were deliberately made during the various stages of its growth by members of the Home Policy Sub-Committee of the NEC, in conformity with the wishes of the Party leadership.

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