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  1. New Left Review, NLR Editorials: Notes for Readers
  2. Sam Spade: Signpost of the Pause
  3. New Left Review, NLR Editorials: Missing Signposts
  4. David Ross: The Belgrade Conference
  5. Peter Worsley: Revolution of the Third World
  6. Michael Barratt Brown: Neutralism and the Common Market
  7. Allan Horsfall: Wolfenden in the Wilderness
  8. Hester Hinde: Starting an Education Association
  9. Bernard Davies: Thoughts after Albermarle
  10. Colin Tapper: A Case of Privilege
  11. Michael Kustow: A Theatre for Our Time
  12. Tom Milne: Luther and the Devils
  13. David Craig: Live and Dead Studies
  14. Graham Martin: Fable for Our Times
  15. Eric Hobsbawm: Parliamentary Cretinism?
  16. J.M. Cameron: Morality and the Bomb
  17. Michael Fried: A Question of Form
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