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New Left Review I/11, September-October 1961

Frewen Martin

Fun While It Lasted

August 1961 may or may not go down in the books as a turning point in our own and European political and economic history. Whether we go into the Common Market, whether many others follow us if we do, and how that institution will finally turn out have all still to be decided. As none of this involves a simple straight fight between different countries or international factions, any firm forecasting at this stage is likely to be based more on recklessness and prejudice than on anything else. Even if it were just a case of Adenauer and supra-nationalism against de Gaulle and individual sovereignty, the deviousness, obstinacy and rather warped vision of both men would make it difficult to tot up the score card in advance. Macmillan, our own free-style champion, is no mean performer either.

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