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New Left Review I/108, March-April 1978

André Gunder Frank

Eurocommunism: Left and Right Variants

Fernando Claudin was a leader of the Spanish Communist Party until his expulsion in 1964, and is the author of the already classic The Communist Movement: from Comintern to Cominform. [1] The book first appeared in Paris in 1970; English translation, London 1975. The analysis of Eurocommunism and its relation to socialism put forward in his new book is very timely [2] Eurocommunism and Socialism, Madrid 1977; English expanded edition, nlb 1978 (all page references in the present text are to this edition).—both because Claudín produced it after his return to post-Franco Spain, when the debate about Eurocommunism in that country and the problems faced by it in France and Italy as well had become highly topical, and also because its appearance followed closely upon publication of the much-discussed Eurocommunism and the State by Santiago Carrillo, general secretary of the pce. [3] Madrid 1976: English translation, London 1977. Claudín’s book can thus be taken as a kind of reply, by the most authoritative ‘left Eurocommunist’, to what was generally seen as a right-Communist book.

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Andre Gunder Frank, ‘Eurocommunism: Left and Right Variants’, NLR I/108: £3

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