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New Left Review I/101-102, January-April 1977

Albert Szymanski

Is US Imperialism Resurgent?

The Petras and Rhodes article in nlr 97, ‘The Reconsolidation of us Hegemony’ argues that, contrary to the view of many, the United States is not on the decline as a world power. It states: 1. that although the usa suffered some relatively minor setbacks around 1970, it has now pretty much recouped its position of world hegemony; 2. that Europe and Japan are on the decline vis-`-vis the United States, in good part because of the fact that the us working class is more ‘docile’ than that of its competitors. A careful examination of the evidence, however, refutes the Petras-Rhodes claim of a reassertion of us world hegemony.

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Albert Szymanski, ‘Is US Imperialism Resurgent?’, NLR I/101-102: £3

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