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New Left Review I/1, January-February 1960

Richard Hoggart and Raymond Williams

Working Class Attitudes

Revised transcript of a recorded conversation betweenRichard Hoggart and Raymond Williams– August Bank Holiday, 1959.

R.W.: I’m glad that at last we’ve managed to meet. Since The Uses of Literacy and Culture and Society came out, many people have assumed that we knew each other well, though in fact I think it’s been no more than exchanging perhaps half a dozen letters in the last twelve years, none of them, it seems, while the books were being written. Of course it’s natural that the two books should have been compared and connected, but such relationships as there are have come out of the general situation, and not from our knowing each other. Can we just clear up the dates of writing and publication? The Uses of Literacy came out in the Spring of 1957, Culture and Society in September 1958. Actually I began Culture and Society (then The Idea of Culture) in 1952, after an earlier try in 1950. I finished it in the autumn of 1956. I was actually writing the Conclusion during the weeks of Hungary and Suez. So, though we were often writing about the same things, we hadn't each other's books to refer to.

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Richard Hoggart, Raymond Williams, ‘Working Class Attitudes (Discussion)’, NLR I/1: £3

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