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New Left Review I/1, January-February 1960

Michael Barratt Brown

Jugoslavia Revisited (Part I)

Early this year the New Reasoner was invited by the Jugoslav Press Attache in London to send a member of the Editorial Board to visit Jugoslavia this summer as a guest of the Government. Michael Barratt Brown, who was selected to go, spent nearly three years in the country with the Jugoslav mission of UNRRA from 1944–1947. He spent just over three weeks in Jugoslavia, travelled 2,500 miles by road, rail and sea through four of the six republics and visited a wide range of mines, factories, power stations, farms, co-operatives, housing communities and committees at every level from the Federal Government to the smallest parish. The article that follows is the first of two; the second will deal in greater detail with the functioning of Workers’ Councils within the planned economy.

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Michael Barratt Brown, ‘Jugoslavia Revisited (Part I)’, NLR I/1: £3

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