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New Left Review I/1, January-February 1960

Dave Dellinger

Are Pacifists Willing To Be Negroes?

robert f. williams makes a strong case for a negaive answer to the question many Negroes are asking these days: Can Negroes afford to be non-violent? The Montgomery bus protest, which was once hailed as a portent of greater victories to come, is fast becoming an icon for pacifist devotions. In Alabama and Mississippi, in North Carolina and Virginia, in Little Rock and Tallahassee, the organized movement for liberation is virtually at a standstill. In almost any southern town, the individual Negro who dares to assert his dignity as a human being in the concrete relationships of everyday life rather than in the privileged sanctuary of the pulpit is in danger of meeting the fate of Mack Parker or Emmett Till.

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Dave Dellinger, ‘Are Pacifists Willing to be Negroes?’, NLR I/1: £3

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