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  1. P. V. Ableman: Lolita
  2. Vic Allen: The Industrial Game
  3. John Braine: The Bug House
  4. Michael Barratt Brown: Jugoslavia Revisited (Part I)
  5. Dave Dellinger: Are Pacifists Willing to be Negroes?
  6. H. D. Dickinson: Falling Rate of Profit
  7. Colin Falck: Philosophy Again?
  8. Christopher Farley: CND after the Elections
  9. Stuart Hall: Serjeant Musgrave’s Dance
  10. Stuart Hall: ULR Club in Notting Hill
  11. Bill Holdsworth: Songs of the People
  12. Mervyn Jones: The Man from Labour
  13. Frank Allaun: CND After the Election
  14. Michael Kullman: Notting Hill Hustings
  15. Ralph Miliband: The Sickness of Labourism
  16. Stuart Hall: Introducing NLR
  17. Raphael Samuel: The Deference Voter
  18. John Rex: Sociological Tradition
  19. Paul Rose: Manchester Left Club on Youth
  20. John Saville: Chartism
  21. Clancy Sigal: Open Letter to the Left
  22. Edward Thompson: The Point of Production
  23. Arnold Wesker: The Kitchen
  24. Brian Groombridge, Paddy Whannel: Something Rotten on Denmark Street
  25. Richard Hoggart, Raymond Williams: Working Class Attitudes (Discussion)
  26. Robert F. Williams: Can Negroes Afford to Be Pacifists?
  27. Peter Worsley: Africa Rediscovered