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  1. Norman Fruchter, Stuart Hall: Notes on the Cuban Dilemma
  2. Saul Landau: Cuba: The Present Reality
  3. Perry Anderson: Sweden: Study in Social Democracy (Part 2)
  4. Frewen Martin: After the Budget
  5. Michael Rustin: Young Socialists
  6. Ken Alexander: Premier Wilson's Plan
  7. Allan Horsfall: The Pub and the People
  8. Norman Fruchter: Jews and Others


  1. Edward Thompson: The Long Revolution (Part I)
  2. Charles Marowitz: The Connection and Beyond
  3. John Saville: Irishman and Chartist
  4. Gabriel Pearson: The Mahdi's Skull
  5. Mervyn Jones: Newcomers
  6. Dennis Potter: Change and Unchange
  7. Max Neufeld: Time-Life Architecture
  8. Alan Hall: Idea of a University
  9. Lawrence Daly: Elastic Conscience?