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  1. New Left Review: Editorial on CND
  2. New Left Review: Disarmament Through Strength
  3. Jon Silkin: 3 Poems by Jon Silkin
  4. Stuart Hall, Paddy Whannel: Direct Action--A Discussion with Alan Lovell
  5. Jeremy Brooks: The Protest
  6. Norman Birnbaum: The Demon of the Concrete
  7. Dave Dellinger: Cuba: America's Lost Plantations
  8. Stuart Hall: The New Frontier
  9. Michael Rustin: Oxford Opinions
  10. Nick Faith: Transport Politics
  11. Frewen Martin: Old Folks at Home
  12. Alan Lovell: Film Chronicle


  1. Michael Armstrong: Permanent Red
  2. Norman Fruchter: Where Is the Ginger Man?
  3. Gabriel Pearson: The Huge Trek to Satiety
  4. Marilyn Evans: The Adventurers
  5. Mervyn Jones: The Greene Affair
  6. Ralph Miliband: Footnote to Labourism
  7. Alasdair MacIntyre: The Man Who Solved the Irish Question
  8. Nigel Harris: The Government of People
  9. Nick Faith: The Man from Shell