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  1. New Left Review: The Siege of Cuba
  2. Perry Anderson: Sweden: Mr.Crosland's Dreamland (Part 1)
  3. Joyce Jeronty: Of No Fixed Abode
  4. Tom Milne: Touch of the Poet
  5. Alex Hamilton: Just a Little Bit Different
  6. Kit Coppard, Paddy Whannel, Raymond Williams, Tony Higgins: Television Supplement
  7. Raymond Fletcher: Against Which Bomb?
  8. Stuart Hall: Student Journals
  9. Alan Lovell: Film Chronicle
  10. Albert Hunt: This Year's Theatre
  11. Henry Collins: Socialism and Affluence
  12. Nicholas Taylor: Which Machine Age?
  13. Maurice Butterworth: Oppressed Hero
  14. Mike Kidron: Intellectual Liberalism?


  1. Gabriel Pearson: Outside the Ghetto
  2. Dennis Potter: Unknown Territory
  3. Philip Abrams: Theoretical Dead-End
  4. Peter Sedgwick: Liquidating the Thirties
  5. Henry Collins: Nationalisation Stakes