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  1. New Left Review: Scarborough and Beyond
  2. Slavomir Mrozek: Wedding in Atomice
  3. Edward Thompson: Revolution Again!
  4. Stuart Hall: Lady Chatterley's Lover
  5. Dirk Alverman: Photo Supplement on Algeria
  6. : The Declaration in Support of the Right of Students Who Refuse to Fight in Algeria
  7. New Left Review: The Trial
  8. Alan Lovell: Film Chronicle
  9. Ioan Davies: The Congo and the Press
  10. Mike Harrington: What the Hell Is Happening?
  11. Eric Heffer: Conversations in Italy
  12. Martin Baillie: Early Picasso
  13. New Left Review: Letter to Readers
  14. Simon Rosenblat: Can the Clubs Grow?


  1. Rod Prince: Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
  2. Graham Martin: Stand: War Poets
  3. Ron Meek: Rates of Growth
  4. Peter Sedgwick: The Mind of an Assassin
  5. Philip Abrams: Beyond the Welfare State
  6. Max Neufeld: The First Machine Age