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  1. Andrew Kopkind: 'The Special Relationship'
  2. Richard E. Neustadt: Memorandum on the British Labour Party and the MLF
  3. New Left Review: Introduction to Gramsci 1919-1920
  4. Antonio Gramsci: Soviets in Italy
  5. V. I. Lenin, Anatoly Lunacharsky: Art after October
  6. Jean Roussel: Introduction to Jacques Lacan
  7. Jacques Lacan: The Mirror-Phase as Formative of the Function of the I
  8. Inti Peredo: Guerrilla warfare in Bolivia is not dead: it has just begun
  9. Stan Newens: Member of Parliament
  10. Roberto Yepe: Trotsky's Marxism
  11. Nicolas Krasso: Reply to Tamara Deutscher