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  1. Anthony Barnett, Gareth Stedman Jones, Tom Wengraf: Student Power: What Is to Be Done?
  2. Ben Brewster, Alexander Cockburn: Revolt at the LSE
  3. Isaac Deutscher: The Unfinished Revolution: 1917-67
  4. Yaak Karsunke: Kilroy was here/Kilroy war hier
  5. S. G.: The Housewife
  6. New Left Review: Introduction to Poulantzas
  7. Nicos Poulantzas: Marxist Political Theory in Britain
  8. J. Tynyanov: The Notion of Construction
  9. Che Guevara: Vietnam Must Not Stand Alone
  10. K. P. Mayer: On El Lissitsky
  11. Logie Barrow: On El Lissitsky
  12. New Left Review: Reply to Mayer and Barrow