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  1. New Left Review: Introduction to Oscar Lewis
  2. Oscar Lewis: A Thursday with Manuel
  3. Claude Cockburn: The Morning Star
  4. Roger Murray: Militarism in Africa
  5. James Petras: Coordinated Counter-Revolution: Latin America's New Phase
  6. Allen Young: Paraguay and the Stroessner Regime
  7. P. C.: At the Office - 1
  8. J. A. G.: At the Office - 2
  9. Lucien Rey: Franco Fortini
  10. Franco Fortini: Communism (1958)
  11. Geoff Richman: On Martin Rossdale's 'Socialist Health Service?'
  12. Martin Rossdale: Reply to Geoff Richman


  1. Victor Kiernan: Spain and the Americas
  2. M. P.: 'Dada: Art and Anti-Art'
  3. New Left Review: 'Carl Orff: his life and his music'
  4. R. F.: 'Time of Silence'
  5. A. C.: 'Prisoner of the British'
  6. Michael Parsons: 'Imagination Dead Imagine'
  7. T. W.: 'Games People Play: The Psychology of Human Relationships'
  8. M. R.: 'The Process of Ageing'; 'Feminine Forever'
  9. David Cooper: 'The Established and the Outsiders'