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  1. Conor Cruise O'Brien: The Embers of Easter 1916-1966
  2. Bob Rowthorn: Capitalism and the Modernizers
  3. J. N. K.: On the Dole
  4. Ben Brewster: Presentation of Gorz on Sartre
  5. Andre Gorz: Sartre and Marx
  6. Nicolas Krasso: Attila Jozsef
  7. Attila Jozsef: Consciousness
  8. New Left Review: Introduction to Jakobson-Tynyanov Theses (on Formalism)
  9. R. Jakobson, J. Tynyanov: Problems of Literary and Linguistic Studies
  10. Ronald Fraser: Butor's You
  11. Michael Barratt Brown, Royden Harrison: Incomes Policy: A Reply
  12. Bob Rowthorn: A Reply to Michael Barratt Brown and Royden Harrison


  1. Joan Robinson: The Communes and the Great Leap Forward
  2. Douglas Gill: Cold War Origins
  3. James Hinton: The Clydesiders
  4. Hamza Alavi: Indian Capitalism and Foreign Imperialism