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  1. New Left Review: Winds of Change
  2. Edward Thompson: Revolution
  3. Denis Butt: Men and Motors
  4. John Hughes: Railways and the Transport Muddle
  5. Sheila Lynd: The Health Service Revisited
  6. Peter Massie: Lady Albermarle's Modest Proposals
  7. Ray Gosling: Dream Boy
  8. Paul Hogarth: Background to Sharpeville (Sketches)
  9. John Rex: Whose Africa Year?
  10. John Rex: Weekend in Dinlock: A Discussion
  11. Christopher Hill: Republicanism after the Restoration
  12. David Holbrook: What Happened Later
  13. V. Dudintsev: The Bandit's Story
  14. Kit Coppard: Two Television Documentaries
  15. James Topsell: The Brighouse Defeat
  16. Nick Faith: Planning by Stealth
  17. Stuart Hall: Crowther in Cold Storage
  18. Peter Marris: Afternoon in the Studios
  19. Janet Hase: Magic of Monarchy
  20. Stephen Hatch: Religion of the Celebrity


  1. Paddy Whannel: Striking for Kicks
  2. Ken Alexander: The Working Man's Churchill
  3. Colin Falck: The Glittering Coffin
  4. J. F. C. Harrison: Essays in Labour History
  5. Peter Willmott: The Status Seekers
  6. Roy Wilkie: The Chinese Model