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  1. New Left Review: Divide and Conquer
  2. Robert Curtis: Malaysia and Indonesia
  3. Tom Nairn: The Nature of the Labour Party (Part II)
  4. R. D. Laing: What Is Schizophrenia?
  5. Ken Coates, Tony Topham: Workers University
  6. Ralph Miliband: Draft Proposal for Socialist Centres
  7. Juliet Mitchell: Women's Education
  8. George Dekker: Lilies that Fester


  1. Richard Cobb: Anglo-Saxon Attitudes
  2. Kenneth Trodd: 'Wordsworth and the Poetry of Sincerity'
  3. Gareth Stedman Jones: 'The English Provinces, 1760-1960'
  4. Martin Malek: 'South Africa: Crisis for the West'
  5. John Blackmore: 'The Chinese View of their Place in the World'
  6. Alberto Ciria: 'Evolution or Chaos: Dynamics of Latin American Government and Politics'