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  1. Perry Anderson: Critique of Wilsonism
  2. Richard Titmuss: The Limits of the Welfare State
  3. Tom Nairn: The Nature of the Labour Party (Part I)
  4. Brian Way: Sex and Language
  5. Alan Beckett: John Lee Hooker
  6. Geoffrey Nowell-Smith: Alain Resnais


  1. William Pomeroy: The Myths of Counter-Insurgency
  2. Kenneth Trodd: 'The Italian Girl'
  3. Martin Rossdale: 'What's Wrong with British Hospitals?'
  4. Martin Malek: 'Elites and Society'
  5. R. M.: 'The New States of West Africa'; 'Ballot Box and Bayonet-- People and Government in Emergent Asian Countries'