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  1. Joan Robinson: The Final End of Laissez Faire
  2. J. H. Westergaard: Capitalism without Classes?
  3. H. Orlando Patterson: The Essays of James Baldwin
  4. Ken Coates: The Confed Package
  5. New Left Review: Women's Wages
  6. J. M. Vincent: The Left in France
  7. New Left Review: Vanguard Culture
  8. New Left Review: Censorship
  9. Tom Wengraf: Southern Rhodesia
  10. Octavio Ianni: Political Process and Economic Development in Brazil (Part II)
  11. Alan Beckett: Eric Dolphy
  12. Lee Russell: Stanley Kubrick
  13. Herminio Martins: The Celebrity Syndrome


  1. R. D. Laing: One-Dimensional Man
  2. Dennis Marsden: The Poisoned Apple
  3. Thomas Balogh: The Conventional Wisdom of Kenneth Galbraith
  4. Tom Wengraf: The Socialist Register