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  1. New Left Review: To Our Readers
  2. John Hughes: An Economic Policy for Labour
  3. Barbara Castle: The Lessons of French Planning
  4. Tom Nairn: The English Working Class
  5. Ken Coates: The Right to Strike
  6. New Left Review: Olympic Games
  7. New Left Review: Dimbleby
  8. Jon Halliday: The New Italian Socialist Party
  9. New Left Review: The Regiments of Women
  10. Alan Shuttleworth: Conscription
  11. Dorothy Wedderburn: Pensions, Equality and Socialism
  12. Lee Russell: Howard Hawks
  13. Alan Beckett: Sonny Rollins since 1961
  14. New Left Review: Introduction to Attila Jozsef
  15. Attila Jozsef: Two Poems
  16. Sadegh Hedayat: Tomorrow
  17. New Left Review: Statement (on Editorial Team)


  1. I. H.: 'African Socialism'
  2. Norman Dombey: 'The Soviet Family'
  3. T. W.: 'Twelve Wasted Years'
  4. R. B.: 'Sunshades in October: An Analysis of the Main Mistakes in British Economic Policy Since the Mid-50s'
  5. J. M.: 'Radcliffe'
  6. T. W.: 'The Rise of Social Democracy in Russia'
  7. Martin Malek: 'The Turkish Revolution 1960-61'
  8. Hamza Alavi: 'Quiet Crisis in India'
  9. Quintin Hoare: 'Peking v.Delhi'
  10. L. R.: 'The Fighting Task Confronting Workers in Philosophy and the Social Sciences'
  11. L. R.: 'The Secret History of the Mongols'
  12. Kuo Ling: 'The Modern History of Japan'
  13. Fern Rich: 'The Group'