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  1. Georgi Derluguian: Che Guevaras in Turbans
  2. James K. Galbraith, Pedro Conceicao, Pedro Ferreira: Inequality and Unemployment in Europe: The American Cure
  3. Jeffrey Wasserstrom: Student Protests in Fin-de-Siecle China
  4. Zhang Xudong: Postmodernism and Post-Socialist Society: Cultural Politics in China After the 'New Era'
  5. Fred Pfeil: Michael Sprinker, 1950-1999
  6. Aijaz Ahmad: A Gift of Memory
  7. Michael Sprinker: The Grand Hotel Abyss
  8. Charity Scribner: From the Collective to the Collection: Curating Post-Communist Germany


  1. Terry Eagleton: Self-Realization, Ethics, and Socialism