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  1. Benedict Anderson: Indonesian Nationalism Today and in the Future
  2. Michael Mann: The Dark Side of Democracy: The Modern Tradition of Ethnic and Political Cleansing
  3. Jurgen Habermas: The European Nation-State and the Pressures of Globalization
  4. New Left Review: Introduction to the Dialogue on China's Future
  5. Wang Chaohua, Wang Dan, Li Minqi: A Dialogue on the Future of China
  6. Robin Blackburn: Kosovo: The War of NATO Expansion
  7. David Chandler: The Bosnian Protectorate and the Implications for Kosovo
  8. Daniel Lazare: The Grand Illusion of Democratic Nationalism: A Reply to Michael Lind
  9. Niru Ratnam: Chris Ofili and the Limits of Hybridity