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  1. Joan W. Scott: 'La Querelle des Femmes' in the Late Twentieth Century
  2. Nikki R. Keddie: Secularism and the State: Towards Clarity and Global Comparison
  3. Inka Mulder-Bach: Cinematic Ethnology: Siegfried Kracauer's 'The White Collar Masses'
  4. Boris Frankel: Confronting Neoliberal Regimes: The Post-Marxist Embrace of Populism and Realipolitik
  5. Immanuel Wallerstein: Eurocentricism and its Avatars: The Dilemmas of Social Science
  6. Carlos Astarita: Assymetrical Trade in the Feudal System and in the Early Transition to Capitalism
  7. Elizabeth Wilson: The Unbearable Lightness of Diana
  8. Tor Wennerberg: Sterilization and Propaganda
  9. Boris Kagarlitsky: The Unfinished Revolution


  1. Scott Waugh: Closure Theory and Medieval England
  2. Esther Leslie: The Multiple Identities of Walter Benjamin