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  1. Tom Nairn: Sovereignty After the Election
  2. Norman Geras: Marxists Before the Holocaust
  3. Norman Finkelstein: Daniel Jonah Goldhagen's 'Crazy' Thesis: A Critique of Hitler's Willing Executioners
  4. Janet Afary: The War against Feminism in the Name of the Almighty: Making Sense of Gender and Muslim Fundamentalism
  5. Paul Dave: The Bourgeois Paradigm and Heritage Cinema
  6. Mike Marqusee: New Labour and its Discontents
  7. Anne Phillips: From Inequality to Difference: A Severe Case of Displacement?
  8. Giovanni Arrighi: Financial Expansions in World Historical Perspective: A Reply to Robert Pollin
  9. Robert Pollin: Response to Giovanni Arrighi