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  1. Robin Blackburn: Reflections on Blair's Velvet Revolution
  2. James Petras: Latin America: The Resurgence of the Left
  3. John Markoff: Really Existing Democracy: Learning from Latin America in the Late 1990s
  4. Eli Zaretsky: Bisexuality, Capitalism and the Ambivalent Legacy of Psychoanalysis
  5. Manuel Riesco, Hugo Fazio: The Chilean Pension Fund Associations
  6. Marina Warner: Siren/Hyphen; Or, the Maid Beguiled
  7. Selwyn R. Cudjoe: CLR James and the Trinidad & Tobago Intellectual Tradition, Or, Not Learning Shakespeare Under a Mango Tree
  8. Nancy Fraser: A Rejoinder to Iris Young
  9. Julian Stallabrass: Sebastiao Salgado and Fine Art Photojournalism