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  1. James Petras, Steve Vieux: Bosnia and the Revival of US Hegemony
  2. Dubravka Ugresic: The Confiscation of Memory
  3. Christopher Hird: Building Societies: Stakeholding in Practice and Under Threat
  4. Gregor McLennan: Post-Marxism and the 'Four Sins' of Modernist Theorizing
  5. Peter Drucker: 'In the Tropics There is No Sin': Sexuality and Gay-Lesbian Movements in the Third World
  6. Dave Beech, John Roberts: Spectres of the Aesthetic
  7. Régis Debray: A Guerilla with a Difference
  8. Norman Finkelstein: Whither the 'Peace Process'?


  1. Georgi Derluguian, Liuba Derluguian: The Other Mediterranean
  2. Kate Soper: Love's Work