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  1. Mahmood Mamdani: From Conquest to Consent as the Basis of State Formation: Reflections on Rwanda
  2. Noel Thompson: Supply Side Socialism: The Political Economy of New Labour
  3. Alan Milward: Approaching Reality: Euro-Money and the Left
  4. Jan Otto Anderson: Fundamental Values for a Third Left
  5. Caroline New: Man Bad, Woman Good? Essentialisms and Ecofeminisms
  6. Craig Brandist: Gramsci, Bakhtin and the Semiotics of Hegemony
  7. Kim Moody: A New American Politics: Who Will Answer the Invitation?
  8. John Lloyd: Eastern Reformers and Neo-Marxist Reviewers
  9. Peter Gowan: Eastern Europe, Western Power and Neo-Liberalism
  10. Julian Stallabrass: In and Out of Love with Damien Hirst


  1. Jonathan Steele: Why Gorbachev Failed