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  1. Justin Rosenberg: Isaac Deutscher and the Lost History of International Relations
  2. Alexander Cockburn: A Short, Meat-Oriented History of the World. From Eden to the Mattole
  3. Ted Benton, Simon Redfearn: The Politics of Animal Rights - Where is the Left?
  4. Göran Therborn: Dialectics of Modernity: On Critical Theory and the Legacy of Twentieth-Century Marxism
  5. R. B.: Introduction: Revisiting the New Left
  6. Fred Inglis: The Figures of Dissent
  7. Dorothy Thompson: On the Trail of the New Left
  8. Daniel Bensaid: Neo-Liberal Reform and Popular Rebellion
  9. Boris Kagarlitsky: The Russian Parlimentary Elections: Results and Prospects
  10. Alexander Buzgalin, Andrei Kolganov: Russia: The Rout of the Neo-Liberals
  11. John A. Hall: Conditions of Our Existence: Ernest Gellner (1925-1995)


  1. Jim McGuigan: Reviewing a Life. Fred Inglis's Biography of Raymond Williams
  2. Luis Fernandes: From Foquismo to Reformismo: Castaneda and the Latin American Left
  3. Aidan Rankin: Christopher Lasch and the Moral Agony of the Left