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  1. Colin Leys: A Radical Agenda for Britain
  2. Michael Mann: Sources of Variation in Working-Class Movements in Twentieth-Century Europe
  3. Manuel Riesco: Honour and Eternal Glory to the Jacobins!
  4. Nancy Fraser: From Redistribution to Recognition? Dilemmas of Justice in a 'Post-Socialist' Age
  5. Gavin Bowd: France: la fracture sociale
  6. Paul Buhle: The Hollywood Left: Aesthetics and Politics
  7. Sam Porter, Denis O'Hearn: New Left Podsnappery: The British Left and Ireland
  8. Ellen Hazelkorn, Henry Patterson: Reply to Porter and O'Hearn
  9. Robin Blackburn: Ireland and the NLR
  10. Keith Flett: The Suffrage Campaign


  1. Merryn Williams: The Prophet of Kelmscott
  2. Jon Wiener: Haldeman's Sixties