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  1. Benedict Anderson: Radicalism after Communism in Thailand and Indonesia
  2. Erik Olin Wright: Class Analysis, History and Emancipation
  3. Joseph McCarney: Shaping Ends: Reflections on Fukuyama
  4. Andre Gorz: Political Ecology: Expertocracy versus Self-Limitation
  5. Michael Billig: Nationalism and Richard Rorty: The Text as a Flag for Pax Americana
  6. Peter Wollen: Our Post-Communism: The Legacy of Karl Kautsky
  7. Slavoj Zizek: From Courtly Love to 'The Crying Game'
  8. Mark Levinson, Brian Morton: Irving Howe
  9. Michele Salvati: The Travail of Italian Communism
  10. John Newsinger: An Episode in the Larkin Wars
  11. Christopher Hitchens: Reply to John Newsinger