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  1. New Left Review: Towards Aldermaston
  2. Stuart Hall: Crosland Territory
  3. Charles Taylor: What's Wrong with Capitalism?
  4. Duncan Macbeth: Piccadilly Goldmine
  5. Tadeusz Rosewicz: Four Polish Poems
  6. Rosalynde Ainslie: Behind the Boycott
  7. Claude Bourdet, Roy Claude, Jean-Paul Sartre: Tribute to Camus
  8. Michael Barratt Brown: Workers Control in a Planned Society (Jugoslavia--Part II)
  9. David Ross: Never the General's Fault
  10. Paul Hogarth: Irish Sketchbook
  11. Colin MacInnes: The Express Families
  12. Brian Jackson: A Boy's World
  13. John Hughes: The Nation's Coal
  14. Peter Newsam, John Dixon, John Thirlwell: Crowther Over Education
  15. New Left Review: Letter to Readers


  1. Norman Fruchter: The Savage Eye
  2. Ian Woolf: On the Beach
  3. Edward Whitehead: Counter-Revolutions of the Spheres
  4. J. E. Walker: Mr Brock's Nyasaland
  5. John McLeish: Trotsky: The Final Act
  6. Keith Sagar: Nelly and the Bitch Goddess
  7. J. P. Mann: Romantic Critic
  8. Ron Frankenberg: First Thoughts on Dinlock
  9. John Rex: Class without Conflict
  10. John Mander: Mr Esslin's Little Brecht