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  1. Anastasia Posadskaya: Self-Portrait of a Russian Feminist
  2. Joseph McCarney: Marx and Justice Again
  3. Norman Geras: Bringing Marx to Justice: An Addendum and Rejoinder
  4. Andrew Glyn: The Costs of Stability: The Advanced Capitalist Countries in the 1980s
  5. Niels Finn Christiansen: The Danish No to Maastricht
  6. Alex Callinicos: Reform and Revolution in South Africa: A Reply to John Saul
  7. John Saul: John Saul replies
  8. Krishna Kumar: Socialist Reconstruction of Schooling: A Comment
  9. Stephen Resnick, Richard Wolff: Everythingism, or Better Still, Overdetermination
  10. Joan Hall: Taking Women's Work for Granted


  1. Ellen Meiksins Wood: Custom Against Capitalism
  2. Julian Stallabrass: Painting Desert Storm