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  1. G. A. Cohen: The Future of a Disillusion
  2. Paul Cammack: Brazil: The Long March to the New Republic
  3. Terry Bloomfield: It's Sooner Than You Think, or Where Are We in the History of Rock Music?
  4. Julian Stallabrass: Autographs and Images: Snapshots of Berlin and Prague
  5. Roger Taylor: What Did I Do During Thatcherism?
  6. Branka Magas: Nationalism and Politics in Eastern Europe: A Response to Gellner


  1. Victor Kiernan: Marx and the Undiscovered Country
  2. Elizabeth Wilson: Feminism without Illusions?
  3. Tony Benn: The Case for Dismantling the Secret State
  4. Dimitris Kyrtatas: Revelation Revised