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  1. Ruth Glass: Cuba Week
  2. Lelio Basso: The Centre-Left in Italy
  3. Lawrence Daly: Scotland on the Dole
  4. Ruth Glass: Insiders--Outsiders
  5. Rene Dumont: Mexico: The 'Sabotage' of the Agrarian Reform
  6. Joyce Jeronty: The Top and The Bottom
  7. David Craig: The New Poetry of Socialism
  8. Perry Anderson: Portugal and the End of Ultra-Colonialism (Part 3)


  1. Tom Nairn: Crowds and Critics
  2. Ian Campbell: The Oil Cartel
  3. W. J. F. Jenner: China Today
  4. Roger Murray: Colonial Congo
  5. Adam Roberts: The Nuclear Option
  6. Tom Wengraf: Psychological Rethinking