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  1. Roy Shaw: The Pilkington Puzzle
  2. Peter Russell: The Social Control of Science
  3. Thomas Balogh: Post-War Britain and the Common Market
  4. Marvin Gettleman: John Glenn: The Hero and America 1962
  5. Joan Robinson: Latter-Day Capitalism
  6. Gabriel Pearson: Romanticism and Contemporary Poetry
  7. Alan Brownjohn: Snow in Bromley
  8. Peter Redgrove: Expectant Father
  9. W. D. Snodgrass: Heart's Needle 1
  10. Ted Hughes: February
  11. Jenny Joseph: Death in Winter
  12. Thomas Gunn: From the Highest Camp
  13. Georg Lukacs: Thomas Mann
  14. Perry Anderson: Portugal and the End of Ultra-Colonialism (Part 2)


  1. Ioan Davies: Phrenology of Britain