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  1. Claude Lévi-Strauss: Crowds
  2. R. D. Laing: Series and Nexus in the Family
  3. Ralph Miliband: C.Wright Mills
  4. Walter Goldstein, S. M. Miller: Accidental War
  5. Chimen Abramsky: Kamenev's Last Essay
  6. Lev Kamenev: Preface to Machiavelli
  7. Edward Thompson: The Free-Born Englishman
  8. Mervyn Jones: Shifting the Mule
  9. Juliet Mitchell: Concepts and Techniques in William Golding
  10. Brian Way: 'Franny and Zooey' and J.D.Salinger
  11. Perry Anderson: Portugal and the End of Ultra-Colonialism- Part I


  1. Raymond Williams: Fiction and Delusion
  2. Tom Wengraf: The Power of the Moral Ideal?
  3. Peter Marris: The City