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New Left Review I/121, May-June 1980

Wang Xizhe

For a Return to Genuine Marxism in China

The latest media fad in our country is a kind of ‘worship’ of the Gang of Four. It appears to people as if the Gang of Four were almost gods, with vast magical powers. They were capable of moving heaven and earth—they could make China change colour if they wanted to. Naturally, then, all the disasters that hit China during the last decade or so must have been their doing. If only they hadn’t been here, we wouldn’t have suffered so. . . . Things have even reached the point where Comrades Wan Bin and Liu Yu-cheng were obliged to stoop to this sort of worship, contrary to their own beliefs. In their essay ‘Some Tentative Remarks on the Source of Problems in Democratic Life’—an essay we consider to be quite well written—they wrote that Lin Biao and the Gang of Four created feudal fascism in China. [1] This essay was published in the Chinese magazine Zhexue Yanjiu (Philosophical Studies) No. 2 in 1979. The present translation and notes are taken from Intercontinental Press/Inprecor, December 10, 1979.

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Xizhe Wang, ‘For a Return to Genuine Marxism in China’, NLR I/121: £3

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