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  1. Brian Jackson: Notes from Two Primary Schools
  2. A. H. Halsey: Intelligence and Ideology
  3. Douglas Brown: Elite Education
  4. David Holbrook: Education for Maturity
  5. Tony Crowe: Growing up Together
  6. New Left Review: The Learning Revolution
  7. William Norman: Signposts for the 60's
  8. Theodore Draper: Cuba
  9. Wayland Young: Disarmament
  10. N. J. Keen: Living Jazz
  11. M. Paxton: Learning to Read at Sixteen
  12. Frewen Martin: Fun While It Lasted
  13. Ray Gosling: Ordinary Kids
  14. Max Neufeld: Architecture or Technology?
  15. Ron Deller: Centre 42


  1. Victor Kiernan: Century of Revolution
  2. Ralph Miliband: Revolutionaries by Half